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Poetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpegs tulips bottlesPoetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpeg turtle HawaiiPoetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpegs still lifePoetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpeg moccasinsPoetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpeg flower imaginationPoetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpeg Raggedy's RunPoetry Pie Book Files 9-26-19 jpeg shock hummingbird

A colorful feast of delicious poetry, vibrant paintings and savory story. Slices of nature, travel, humor and inspiration. Blended with art theory and surprise. Baked in life 360 degrees. Bon appétit for all ages!

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Walking Sticks... Wanderings and Wonderings A Cover

Walking Sticks... Wanderings and Wonderings C Title Page

Walking 03 spiral, relief

Walking 31  Palm Canyon

Walking 28  Fuji Flag and Stick 1995

Walking 38  Koa Stick

Walking 64 MOSES stick

Walking 81 Glacier Hutterites and three goats

A dazzling display of teacups photographed with flair and steeped with stories.  The images spark laughter, mystery, and wonder.  Reminisce about your own stories… where you have been, where you are going, and what inspires you.

Teacup Art is currently SOLD OUT.



  1. Love this! Can’t wait to get it in my hands.

  2. Joyce, This is an incredibly inspiring and beautiful book. Blessings to you;.

  3. Wonderful book. As an addicted tea drinker and also a collector of tea cups, I found the book enjoyable and interesting. Well done !! Thanks for sharing your collection and inspiring stories.

  4. I love this book. It the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend. Joyce is not only an exceptional writer, but a phenomenal photographer as well!

  5. Wednesday, October 9 I only browsed through about 10 pages of your “walking stick” book before deciding to buy it from you tonight for my mother. When I asked you to sign it for her, I almost asked that you would put something like, “May God always direct your paths,” but, not knowing that you are a Christian I decided to just let you write what you wanted to. Imagine my delight when I got home and opened the book to find you had written, “May you always walk with him.” My mother Kerrol, who is 88, is also a devout Christian… still teaching women’s Bible classes every week, and continually bringing people to the Lord.

  6. I enjoyed a double feast this Thanksgiving. The usual meal was fine, but reading Walking Sticks by Joyce Wilkens was a banquet for the senses. Her gorgeous pictures from around the world are the highest from of eye candy. Her masterful poetry warmed my soul Her images of staffs from many cultures reignited my love for craftsmanship. Bravo!

  7. I have truly enjoyed both books. They are going to make wonderful Christmas gifts this year. Thank You Joyce, looking forward to the next book.

  8. I met you at Marie’s Boutique in the CdA Resort Hotel.My family and I thoroughly enjoyed your book,Walking Sticks.You generously gave me a copy.It was the topic of our Memorial Day.My husband has been making them for years,says your talking his language! Beautifully done,and thank you for sharing.God bless. Sincerely,Barbara Edgerton

    • So happy you enjoyed! Lovely to meet you:)

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